Träumt ein Wal vom Menschsein

In February 2018 I got asked to write the music & create the sound design for a theatre piece by LAB, Junges Thater Zürich, as well as be part of the performance."Träumt ein Wal vom Menschsein“ is an analysis of the future and the difference between humans and androids.The piece was played four times at Theater Neumarkt Zurich end of April and was part of the Festival Spiilplätz Junge Bühne Bern on June 28! 

Theaterpädagogik: Lukas Schmocker
Dramaturgie: Noemi Egloff
Musik: Andrina Bollinger
Roboter: Livia Müller
Kostüme: Nicole Müller
Pictures by Sepp de Vries